Wednesday, February 28, 2007

HTML Tables to align pictures

If you want your pictures in a nice grid or with the captions placed by the side the only way to go is with <table> tags I think. To use them you have to upload your pictures and then grit your teeth and click on the "Edit Html" tab.

I have shown how to do this on Bloggers' Paradise.

This is a 2x2 grid:

These are in a single column with a caption on the right hand side:

Caption 1

Caption 2

I will write more about tables in a post on Bloggers' Paradise where I can write HTML code which is hard here because it tries to interpret it instead of just displaying it as is.

Text justification and pictures

Here I used full justification with one picture left aligned and one right aligned. This can look quite nice I think. I am just going to type nonsense for a while to build up some text. agjzkdjg s d ad a a a a tadadgadtgnd aeaodi g sdg zdog sd sd gszd t at s og sdg sd gsdde gsdog sidh se as'ta9et u ets sr apra s'ta ta ta'otau tasltoat alt aot osd sy skrh akd flhsr yps gjsietjs rtglse tia etsld rtsl tsotsot ae tsd tsoaet sonhbd ts;dot s;dorits dtois drt asetidr tsaeditsobbdijjit sadiorjtj se4it adsoirt ae4ita 4ta dsisuta etiaosut4 ae taoieuta irt aeit aid taietu 4adsitjaei talitk jaeoi tlzojta .

More Pictures

This time I loaded the pictures then selected them and dragged them around. This time I loaded them with Right alignment. You are quite limited as to where you can drag them.

The first picture is aligned "left" and then the second one was added straightaway. This is the annoying part - where it doesn't line them up and won't let you place it very precisely, but the textwill wrap round the bottom of the picture.

You can select the picture and then drag the little boxes to resize the picture by the way.

This post is to show some more options for placing pictures using the provided settings. This first picture was added using the "None" option. It was placed at the top of the post.

This second one was also added with the "None" option and then selected and placed here between these two words. It's just like it was another word in the sentence and everything moves down to accommodate it.